Our mission is to bring an

inexpensive, simple and reliable electric cargo bike

to your family.


  Based on the 2021 UN Climate Summit held in Glasgow, UK, many European countries are planning to stop selling traditional vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel oil as early as 2030.

  Hence, GWA believes that using the electric cargo bike (e-Cargo bike) as a low-cost 2nd car alternative will prevail in the next several years.

  GWA is preparing to offer inexpensive, simple, reliable and intelligent family-based e-Cargo bike solutions.

  Per our decades experience in this market, an ideal eCargo bike as the 2nd vehicle at home must meet the following essential requirements:

1) Cost-Competitive
2) Simplicity
3) Reliable
4) High Power
5) Travel more Miles per Charge
6) Easy to use the Intelligent Self-Diagnostic Tools for troubleshooting
7) Product traceability through web browser

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